Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Let me tell you, I’ve tried A LOT of different shampoos and conditioners. I’ve tried the products in the “ethnic” section of Walmart, the “upscale” products that you can only find online, and the products that you stumble upon in TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

So, I was skeptical (as you probably are if you’re reading this) about trying new products. But, my hair stylist recommended this line to me & it doesn’t take much to convince me to spend money on hair care.


T H E  P R O S:

    • Products that actually do what the label says… rare find
    • After styling my hair, it’s light and fluffy like baby bunnies
  • Slip
    • Since my hair is natural, detangling on wash day is usually a chore, but the conditioner offers amazing slip. I can easily glide my fingers through my hair to detangle.
  • Moisturizing
    • Many conditioners that I’ve tried only offer superficial moisture. My hair immediately feels deeply nourished and hydrated after applying this conditioner.
  • A little goes a long way…
    • I bought the 10.1 oz shampoo bottle and 8.5 oz conditioner bottle about 4 months ago. I need more conditioner, but I have enough shampoo to last a few more months!
      • Note: I only wash my hair every 2 weeks & I try to coat every strand of hair with conditioner.
  • Cleansing power
    • My hair feels squeaky clean after using these products.
      • Note: I part my hair into four quadrants & lather each section twice. If you don’t like the “squeaky clean” feel, I would suggest lathering once!
    • I would give the lather a 10/10. I know, I know lathering isn’t good for my hair, but it lets me know that it’s working.

T H E  C O N S:

  • Bottle size
    • The conditioner bottle is smaller than the shampoo bottle (8.5oz compared to 10.1oz)
      • Why do companies do this? I need equal amounts of shampoo & conditioner!

Overall, this product is excellent! As black women, we’ve been trained to only buy hair products from the “ethnic” section. Many of those products are overpriced, leave our hair desperate for moisture, and just aren’t good quality. My favorite beauty bloggers, GlamTwins334, preach about using salon quality products. They couldn’t be more right. Even if these aren’t the right products for you, I’d encourage you to leave drugstore products like Cantu, Creme of Nature, and Pantene behind and explore salon quality products like Kenra, LivingProof, and Joico.

You can purchase Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner through Amazon (much cheaper than buying them at a drug store like I did).

Thanks for reading <33

2 thoughts on “Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner Review

  1. I need a good shampoo and conditioner for my dry hair. I have long curled hair. They are also frizzy. Do you think redken shanpou is good for my hair type? Are they worth the hype? Thank you for this great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I definitely think you should try a Redken product! They have some that are specifically for dry hair that you could try. They’re totally worth the hype in my opinion! I just restocked 🙂


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