Here kitty kitty

I live in a neighborhood full of cats and their ladies

The cats wish me well when I leave for work and greet me at my car when I get home

Their ladies sit on their porches surrounded by forests

They don’t always say hi, but I can feel them watching me

They watch me the same way they watch the neighborhood litter

Always checking for suspicious behavior

One time, there was a man blasting music in his car

I heard one of the ladies yell “Hey!!!! I can hear that noise all the way up here!!!”

She wasn’t having it

He drove off before she could say more

The only noise she likes to hear is the sound of her own voice

“Here kitty kitty!”

I hear her yelling every night, gathering her crew

“Here kitty kitty!!”

The sound of her voice keeps me safe

These ladies are the neighborhood watch

These ladies keep me safe.

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